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[..After few days of being idle..]

and here I'm back..

Right now, I am so very annoyed of people who are stupid lurking at me in every move I make in every word I said. Get a life ok? * i would supposed to be in good mood*

oops! wait! it's Pixelcatalyst birthday yesterday! Belated WF. and my friend is back too.


[..I'm BACK!..]

TheSpoke is under maintenance that is why I returned here to blog , of course i won't ever neglect here because this is where I have learned to love blogging.

How are you friends?. I'm ok as I always be. Hmmm I am so sad because my BF is not here in davao and might go back here next week. You know how I miss him a lot, for so many weeks we didn't see each other. I know how he understands me but I will do everything we've missed.

This is my
second blog do visit it if time allows. I'm still looking for a URL Redirector can you give me one?.

Today, I am here alone in the office. While studying my subject for our exam tomorrow I peek a little time to blog. Hmmm I only noticed right at this moment that our office surrounds with classic songs *turns other station*.


[..time to fix..]

I need time to fix everything. What I am trying to say is, I will be Away From Blogging for weeks starting this day.


[..CorelWORLD Davao Event..]

Sorry for the late post about the COREL DAVAO EVENT 2004 held at NCCC Mall last October 9-10, 2004. The said event was very great because of the participation of other schools and UIC is one of the major sponsors. It was started with an opening talks with some of the elite Corel Designers of the Phillipines and there's an on-the-spot logo design contest for individual caterogy and group caterogy.

We were so very lucky because our school (UIC) shells out much effort along with the cooperation of the ITE program officers and of course with our dear Program Dean. SOme of our students also exposed their talents in gfx designing and we have showcased at lot of it.

Pboz , a UIC student recognized by Corel Company as one of the Best Gfx Artists. Only two persons got this award, one is from the other school.

Continuation later.


Apollo has been a nice person to me. We just met along the way when we get the chance of knowing a bit. I was very delighted because Apollo possesses a very humble attitude and so kind to me.

Last time, we met was the time I knew who Apollo is. He even trying to piss me off because of other reasons, but I just tend to ignore it and you know listening to the words Apollo is uttered is like letting Apollo all the time to express what Apollo feels.

Apollo is so nice if you take time for yourself knowing Apollo.

Trust me Apollo, I know you will go a long long way with your life. Just remember that what matters is how you win not how you lose. Take yourself as a winner always and I know that will give you peace of mind.

Just be true. Follow what you think you deserve, and of course God is always there for you and I’m just right here watching over you.

Btw, Apollo is my VIRTUAL FRIEND.


[..Because of you..]

I had a very terrible things happened to me yesterday because:

First, I forgot to answer my bf’s call in my cellphone. He called for 4 times just to inform me he’s waiting outside the gate. I was so very guilty knowing I strongly allowed him to come to school and see me and yet he waited for so long in there.

Second, I left my cellphone at the office gezzz! for the first time I ignored its absence in my bag that night.

Third, areman and I waited to fetch a jeepney for my way home not knowing that very hour is the appearance of sales ladies and salesmen and other maintenance employees so I ended up taking a taxi ride.

So why these things happen? If you would try to read my previous posts you will know the reasons.

I really loathe jeepneys stealing time refilling gasoline in a station, because I hate feeling warmed after my hair playing in the air.

*sigh* I have coped up after all the times of feeling bothered. At last, questions now are left answered.

You see, how me and my sister’s silence knocks off for almost 3months now. It is not because I am boosting my pride more not to talk to her but because I am giving her the time to think for herself.

I can’t think of any things against her. I respect her decision and that will give her maybe a peace of mind. For me, I forgave her and I regretted what I did too.

I feel like going back to do a second version for my website but for now I am looking for web hosting site that costs cheap.

A very friend of mine, took a very long way with his career. Well, good luck and keep on rockin’ because money matters (as what you’ve said).

At last, Areman updated his blog. You see how he posted things about me. Bahahaha.

What else? *raise eyebrow*